Paunov breg

/ Paunova 82-84, Bulevar JNA 2b-v-g

Paunova 82-84

Bulevar JNA 2b-v-g

1500 visitors per day

Paunov breg, Phase V, planning phase in progress.

400 apartments are already occupied

More than 400 apartments are already occupied

40.000 m2 developed area

Paunov breg, Phase V, planning phase in progress.

Every aspect of the building, down to the finest detail, has been carefully designed to make living in a modern and functional environment accessible to you.

We have built each of the buildings in compliance with the applicable energy-efficiency norms, and they all meet the main criteria of green construction.
An attractive architectural solution has been applied to all levels of space organization. Every inch of the interior of each residential unit is properly used, but great attention is paid to the organization of common and green areas.
Within the settlement there are garages for each housing unit, sales areas of well-known brands, catering and service facilities, a supermarket, leisure facilities for children and adults, and many other details that will make your life and the lives of your family better.
When you take on the responsibility of creating and building a city settlement, you have the obligation to consistently follow its course. A lot of time has passed since the first urban sketches were put on paper, back in 2007, and we are still, with the same attention, directing the development of the settlement to its final shape.

This is the chronology of construction of this project:

Paunov Breg, Phase I, completed in 2014

Paunov Breg, Phase II, completed in 2016

Paunov Breg, “Centre” Building, completed in 2018

Paunov Breg, “Square” Building, completed in 2020

Paunov Breg, Phase V, planning phase in progress.

If we put it in numbers, this is more than 40,000 m2 of developed space, more than 400 families have found their homes here and there are now more than 1,500 visitors on a daily basis.